The HBCU/MI Government Contracting Institute (HGCI) was formed to connect Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU’s) and Minority Institutions (MI’s) with federal government contracting opportunities based on their current and future capabilities, primarily in S.T.E.M. fields. As a virtual education center, HGCI will train HBCU/MI administrators and staff, HBCU students, government agencies, prime contractors and other small businesses on strategies to work together to successful fulfill the contracting needs of the U.S. government through the use of HBCU/MI capabilities and expertise.

HGCI is an initiative of HBCU Direct, LLC (HD). HD was launched in 2009 to promote awareness, growth and sustainability of Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU’s) by aggregating the institutions to increase their revenues and/or reduce expenses. HD connects affinity groups within HBCU’s to form networks that can pool resources. These networks include student activities, procurement, science and technology, health professionals, career services, alumni affairs, sports content, etc. HD has launched HBCU Stream, an internet television channel focused on HBCU's. For more info, log onto:

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